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Robert McDougal to Pen Book on ESL

When Robert McDougal isn’t helping others, he’s thinking of ways to help others and giving them resources to help themselves and those around them. Currently known for teaching English to non-native speakers in the Costa Mesa, CA area for the past six years, Robert McDougal is seeking to spread knowledge about teaching English as a second language to a […]

Robert McDougal Explains the Benefits of ESL

Robert McDougal is no stranger to experiencing first-hand the positive impact of learning English as a second language can have on a person’s life. When people thinking about learning English as a second language, their first reaction may be to picture a child in school. However, the benefits of learning English can affect anyone, no matter […]

Experienced Educator Robert McDougal Says There Needs To Be More ESL And Bilingual Classrooms In California

alifornia does offer Spanish-speaking residents courses to learn the English language. Yet, English instructor Robert McDougal believes there needs to be more of them. These courses are ESL (English As A Second Language), and bilingual programs. “We need to have a clearer understanding of the difference between the two courses. We also need more English education classes […]

Robert McDougal Disagrees With Educators Who Say They Cannot Reach Every Student

 An experienced educator, Robert McDougal, has a master’s degree in English Language Learning. He also has TESOL certification, classroom experience, and has worked at learning centers. Robert McDougal of Costa Mesa has a robust teaching history. His expertise grants him the right to share what he has learned about education. Robert McDougal has traveled all across the […]

Educator Robert McDougal States California Schools Need To Better Reflect The Learning Styles Of Every Student

Robert McDougal is an experienced educator in Costa Mesa, CA. Over the years, Robert McDougal has gained insight into California’s education system. Robert McDougal’s expertise and robust teaching history have shown him what the system is lacking. Robert McDougal has expressed this in the past. “California schools need to better reflect the learning styles of every […]

Robert McDougal’s Thoughts on Non-Native English Speakers Struggle To Receive A Proper Education in California

Seasoned educator Robert McDougal expresses his strong views of California education. Robert holds a master’s degree in English Language Learning and TESOL certification. For years, Robert McDougal traveled across the US and Central America, educating others. Robert McDougal’s robust teaching history taught him a lot about the education system. He is now a language learning expert in […]

Robert McDougal Wins English Language Instruction Award from the Southern California TESOL Society

Robert McDougal, an English Language Learning (ELL) instructor and institute director in Costa Mesa, recently won the annual English Language Instruction Award for 2019 from the Southern California TESOL Society. The Society honors one standout teacher, curriculum writer, or program administrator each year who demonstrates excellence in the field of ELL/ESL instruction. The reception will […]

The Robert McDougal English Language Institute Hosts a Party and Book Giveaway For Halloween Weekend

The Robert McDougal English Language Institute, in Costa Mesa, California, will host a Halloween party and book giveaway on Saturday, Oct. 26 and Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019. The institute, which opened just a few short months ago, is already beloved by locals. The institute, run by well-known ESL/ELL instructor Robert Bouton McDougal, specializes in teaching English to non-native […]