Robert McDougal
Robert McDougal

Educator Robert McDougal States California Schools Need To Better Reflect The Learning Styles Of Every Student

Robert McDougal is an experienced educator in Costa Mesa, CA. Over the years, Robert has gained insight into California’s education system.

Robert McDougal’s expertise and robust teaching history have shown him what the system is lacking. Robert has expressed this in the past.

“California schools need to better reflect the learning styles of every student.”

Robert McDougal of Costa Mesa possesses a master’s degree in English Language Learning and TESOL certification. His background includes classroom teaching and learning centers.

Throughout Southern California, he worked at language institutes and individual tutoring hubs.

Robert states, “It [California schools] must better cater to the needs of ALL learners.”

Robert  sees a deficiency in California’s education system. He believes it does not deliver Spanish speakers the right to a proper education.

Robert knows a lot about the importance of inclusiveness in teachings. Robert has made many efforts to improve education for non-English speaking students.

McDougal helps facilities to develop, edit, and expand their learning curriculum.

Robert McDougal supports Spanish speakers with their studies. He feels the state of California should do the same.

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