Robert McDougal
Robert McDougal

Expert ESL/ELL Instructor Robert Bouton McDougal Announces Toddler Teaching Program for Low-Income Costa Mesa Families

Robert Bouton McDougal, Founder and CEO of The Robert McDougal English Language Institute for ESL/ELL learners in Costa Mesa, CA, announces the launch of a program for toddlers from non-native English speaking families. The program is aimed at improving the potential for English fluency from an early age.

The new toddler classes at the Robert McDougal English Language Institute will be offered on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, beginning in October 2019. Families can sign up their two- and three-year-olds for drop-in classes or for intensive weekday programs that include meals, naps, and playtime alongside English language instruction.

All instructors at the Robert McDougal English Language Institute have degrees or postgraduate certifications in English language learning. All of the lead teachers for the upcoming toddler classes also have early childhood education degrees. Saturday classes will feature an instructor who specializes in special education and working with children with disabilities, although children both with and without disabilities will be welcome to attend.

“Many existing ESL classes are aimed at older children or teens,” says Robert Bouton McDougal of the new program. “We wanted to expand our horizons at the Robert McDougal English Language Institute and help toddlers from non-native English speaking families to have the best chance possible at English fluency from an early age. Most of the students will come from immigrant families or families of migrant workers, although some will likely be from second-generation immigrant families as well.”

Robert Bouton McDougal is a dedicated, expert ESL/ELL instructor with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English Language Learning (ELL). He has written, developed, and edited curriculum aimed at non-native English speakers of all ages for a variety of career institutes and learning centers. He also has over six years of teaching experience as a classroom instructor and private tutor for ESL students of all ages. His enthusiasm for the English language and his dedication to helping his students reach their full potential have made him one of the most well-known ESL experts in the region.

He recently opened the Robert McDougal English Language Institute in Costa Mesa, CA. The institute caters to adult learners, seniors, and low-income families, though students of all ages and backgrounds are welcome. Classes are offered on a rolling basis and for every schedule.

For more information about the new toddler classes or to register for upcoming courses, contact the Robert McDougal English Language Institute.

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