Robert McDougal
Robert McDougal

Robert McDougal English Language Institute Launches Fundraising Effort for Costa Mesa Veterans

The recently-launched Robert McDougal English Language Institute in Costa Mesa, CA, is proud to announce a new partnership with the Costa Mesa Service Dog Association. Half of the proceeds from the institute’s upcoming Fall ESL Intensive will go towards placing trained service dogs with disabled and mentally ill U.S. military veterans.

The Robert McDougal English Language Institute Fall Intensive, taking place on Nov. 15-25, 2019, serves as a crash course for ESL beginners, as well as a brush-up course for adult non-native English speakers who began instruction previously but took a long break. The intensive includes all-day workshops, live practice in everyday conversation, and daily quizzes to keep participants aware of their progress. At-home assignments help learners develop their knowledge further.

50% of the proceeds from the tuition for the intensive will go directly towards the Costa Mesa Service Dog Association. The Association pairs disabled military veterans and veterans with PTSD with vetted, trained, and tested service dogs. The service dogs were all formerly lost or abandoned, and many were originally placed in kill shelters.

Robert McDougal believes that this new initiative will bring disparate parts of the Costa Mesa community closer together. “The Robert McDougal English Language Institute is dedicated to building bridges across barriers at every level of society and among people from every background,” says Robert Bouton McDougal of the center’s new philanthropic initiative.

He continues, “Many ELL/ESL students feel isolated even within their own communities due to language barriers and difficulty in communicating. Our main goal as an educational institution is to cut across those barriers and help people connect. U.S. military veterans, too, may feel disconnected or isolated after returning from a difficult deployment or while struggling to reintegrate and navigating PTSD or other conditions. That’s why we thought this would be such an effective program to pair with our mission.”

Robert Bouton McDougal is an ESL instructor with over six years of experience in classroom teaching, small group instruction, volunteering, and private tutoring for ESL/ELL students of all ages. He has a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in English Language Learning (ELL) and has developed curriculum pieces in this area of interest for almost a decade. Robert McDougal is especially dedicated to serving the broader community through conversation, philanthropy, and education. He recently opened the Robert McDougal English Language Institute to serve ESL/ELL learners in Costa Mesa, CA.

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